Le Tour de France Inside Experience with GoPro

Tandem ride around the city of Marseille.

Every time I am going on an Adventure with GoPro I always experience the most exciting moments and make the most unforgettable memories, reason why when they asked me if I wanted to join them for three days at Le Tour de France inside Experience, I didn’t think twice. Meeting with my GoPro Family is always an absolute joy: being reunited with like minded, passionate and genuine people is what I love the most about it. Everyone in the Family is a big Believer and an endless Dreamer. We all inspire each other and I will always be forever grateful to GoPro for this.

The day I arrived, me and my new friend and Family Member Sophie (aka @ChallengeSophie) went discovering the city of Marseille on a tandem. Yes, on a tandem! It was my very first time trying one of those funny bicycles and OMG, I need one in my life now! It was extremely fun and the best way to go exploring when you don’t have too much time. We cycled around the city, went through beautiful green parks until when we reached the seafront. Despite the fact the weather wasn’t the greatest, it was beautiful seeing the infinite sea and breath that sea breeze that I missed so much

Big smiles while exploring the city of Marseille by tandem.

The second day was the main day and reason why we all flew in that beautiful part of the world. We got the opportunity to cross the Tour de France finish line in Marseille a few hours before the pro riders: how crazy? We cycled for the last 30km of the stage and let me confess that before starting I was actually a little bit worried. I don’t usually go cycling apart from that one and only time in summer when I decide to go “cycling” in Hyde Park during that one and only warm day of the whole year. Not too sure if it counts as a proper cycle though… 🙂

Ready to start the Tour de France Inside Experience.

I was worried, yes, but after the first kilometres I was loooving it and already questioning my self why I never took it into consideration as a sport: I was feeling inside myself that I could have been the next world champion until when, after the first 10km, a lovely friend from the organisation of the Tour de France team, started to push me as I was genuinely dying and couldn’t feel my legs anymore. No, I am just joking…well, he actually pushed me and even more than once, but I genuinely felt in love with it and managed to cycle until the end with a good rhythm following my fellow Family Members while trying to record everything…I mean, I think I did pretty good! 🙂

Crossing the finish line with the audience clapping and cheering you up was a memorable feeling, everyone was just super excited and visibly happy to have made it. So proud of my Family!We then waited the true pros at the same spot: I feel so much respect for them. Cycling for super long distances without never stopping is something that sounds impossible to me.

At the finish line with all the GoPro Girls.

After a busy day spent burning all the pizzas I have eaten in a whole year, a chilled day is what we all needed. We stepped into the third day with a boat adventure: a 12 meters dinghy was waiting for us, ready to take us to explore the stunning french coast. How exciting?!

Next adventure: boat day exploring the French coast.

We spent a whole day surrounded by the magical sceneries of the National Park of the Calanques, beautiful white cliffs falling down into the incredible cobalt water. It was a splendid sunny and warm day, the boat was flying on an extraordinarily calm sea. It seems to be in the perfect dream: each of us was looking around astonished by the beauty of the place. With our Hero5 we were trying to capture every single moment we were living, emotion we were feeling and sound we were hearing.

It has been a Saturday of laughs, jumps into the clear Mediterranean Sea and moments spent sunbathing on huge floating unicorns and flamingos (trying to get a little bit of colour and to get rid of that mozzarella skin tone you can only get when living in London. 😉 ).
Three busy days filled with the most unique adventures and surrounded by inspiring human beings: thank you very much to my GoPro Family, adventures with you guys are never disappointing and I truly cannot wait for the next one!

Don’t forget to find here the video about this crazy experience! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed, Lovelies!


Alice X


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