How a good carry on suitcase changed my way of travelling, in better.


Did you know during the last year I have been travelling with a medium sized folded bag for ALL my travels?
I know. It is crazy. Let’s admit it: lots can fit in a folded bag but the major problem is that, as it is soft, you end up by over packing. When the time to carry it comes, you realise how crazily heavy the whole thing is making every second of the journey very uncomfortable and so unpleasant.

I vividly remember how hard was for me to travel with such a bag: way too heavy for any kind of travel. I always ended up with pain in my back and shoulders too. So tired before even getting on the plane.
The only reason why I always opted for a medium folded bag over a carry on suitcase was because I am usually going away for no more than 4-5 days and back then I always thought investing in a small suitcase wasn’t the right thing for me to do. I would have preferred carrying a super heavy folded bag and having with me “everything” I needed, rather than going around with a small and easy-to-carry luggage. I would have preferred trying to take with me the whole closet rather than taking with me slightly less stuff just by being selective and choosing carefully what I really needed.

I wasn’t thinking straight. Obviously. And I realised it when I FINALLY decided to give a carry on suitcase a go. I am talking about the new American Tourister Soundbox Spinner Expandable 55cm. Let me confess this small suitcase was a game changer for me so I really cannot wait to unveil some of my favourite features.

Ready?! Let’s do this!

    1. Its design:

First of all, I loved the design: fresh, clean and striking. The colour palette available is one of the largest one that the company has ever had: 8 different colours from pink and tropical lime to a more classic black or white. Great start. I do love when you have options and you are not restricted to choose in-between just a few colours. You might think, “It is just a suitcase, Alice!”. I know. But it is best to travel with a pretty suitcase rather than one you don’t fully like.
I decided to go for the white one: a very sleek colour and rather particular too.

Check it out yourself:


So pretty, right?! 🙂


     2. Its expandability: 

Another brilliant characteristic of the American Tourister Soundbox is the clever expandable feature. My favourite and truly travel-changing feature. At your choice and need you are able to unzip 3cm more out of the suitcase. It doesn’t sound like a lot but, believe me, they make the difference and they are ALWAYS useful, especially for those last minute packing necessities helping you closing the suitcase easily rather that sitting or jumping on it instead. Hands up if that ever happened to you!



     3. Its lightweight and easy movement experience:

One thing I noticed straight away when I grabbed it was its lightweight: it feels light but yet strong.
I was happily surprised. Whether you want to carry it with four wheels or two, is your choice, but both options give a great movement experience as they keep it smooth and easy.

Top tip: use two wheels on unsteady/rough grounds and four on smooth ones for the best possible movement experience.



     4. Its inside organisation:

I still remember I was debating which suitcase to get in-between the American Tourister Soundbox 55cm and 67cm. I was afraid the 55cm couldn’t fit all the stuff I needed but at the end I decided to go for the smaller version anyway. I mean, who wants to pay extra money to put the suitcase on hold? Not me.
I soon realised the American Tourister Soundbox 55cm is a very spacious little suitcase.
I have been recently testing it out during different kind of travels, from weekend getaways to a whole week trip: the inside organisation is great and it truly makes the difference when it comes to arrange your belongings. To pack becomes much easier and you will be happily surprised to see how much you can actually fit it in. It is genius!




I have to admit that the only downside of this suitcase is the wheel handle, I never had any problem with it but it doesn’t feel particularly strong.


Overall though is an awesome suitcase and it is really worth every penny. Considering the retail price is £115 (sometimes you can find it on sale on the official AT website) I think the price/quality ratio is fantastic.

Also, I loved the white colour but of course I was a bit concerned it would have turned into black pretty quickly. I have to say that after a considered amount of travelling the colour is still great so do not fear if you are thinking to get the same one!

What about you Lovelies? What kind of suitcase you prefer to travel with? Do you have any particular brand/product you love? Let me know in the comments below!! 🙂


Alice X

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